Remembering  Peterpan band after the name is going change. evaporated as their name changes this year, Peterpan released a souvenir necklace and a gold locket that was given a special certificate.
Necklace and pendant weighing only 2 grams of it produced as many as 50 thousand. Necklace and pendant has a gold content of 42 percent of white gold. The price is Rp400 thousand. Every person who bought a special certificate and serial number.
"The idea originally was to promote Indonesian music industry. Band abroad a lot of merchandise for fans or collectors. So this is one way we get a souvenir for fans. Suvenirnya is the essence of the words in the necklace was taken from the title quote Peterpan songs and lyrics, "explained singer Peterpan, Ariel, in the Cafe Score, Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, Monday (31/8/2009).
Issued a souvenir in the form of necklaces, Peterpan fans claimed was targeting mostly women.
"What most women like Peterpan, so enggak problem. Men can also be used. I'm just not the kind of person who likes wearing a necklace, but I enable my siasati with a bracelet," I'm Ariel.
With the release of the souvenir, the band from Bandung was hoping the name will not Peterpan timeless, such as gold which is always timeless.
"It's kind of a keepsake for our lovers. Although it is not timeless diamond, gold is also a symbol of eternity. We wanted a name Peterpan eternal in the hearts of people and not easily lost, although there is no more band," said Ariel.
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